CMJ Music Marathon Announces 2012 Lineup, Oct 16-20 In NYC


Most music festivals are fun; I would argue that only a handful are important. CMJ Music Marathon is both. More of an experience than anything, CMJ spreads 1,300 performances across 5 days at more than 80 different New York City clubs and venues. Instead of highlighting big acts with established fan bases, CMJ is consistently [...]

Top 25 albums of 2011


Our very talented writer James Brightman recently wrote up his top 20 albums of the year, and fellow writer and long time friend of mine Michael Starr is about to write his. All due respect to those two, but neither of them know what they’re talking about and this is definitely the right list and [...]

Video: The Mountain Goat’s ‘Estate Sale Sign’


Man, I am about this, I am all about this. The Mountain Goats recently unveiled their animated video for the song ‘Estate Sale Sign’ from their album ‘All Eternal’s Deck’, which was released earlier this year. The animated video was directed by the good fellows over at Awesome and Modest, and they did a pretty [...]