The Hives – Lex Hives

The Hives drop 'Lex Hives'

Put your hands together for that dapper garage punk band you knew and loved way back in the earliest years of the W. administration, back before the reign of the WMD facade, before the heavens opened up for the one-percenters and the foreclosure crisis devoured faith in American ideals. Back then, you could spend endless [...]

Best Indie Records of 2010


While getting such a rounded number as 25 wasn’t exactly the goal here, that’s how many ‘best’ indie records of 2010 I’d like to mention. As a disclaimer, this is not a reflection of The Silver Tongue indie team’s collective opinion, but a mere listing of the records that I, personally, have enjoyed the most [...]

Review: Wavves @ Drunken Unicorn


Unexpectedly, the very top of the Wavves set hit me with this mixed up surfy, grunge vibe. This lasted for about three songs, roughly seven minutes. Then that era of the Wavves experience was bookended by guitarist/vocalist Nathan Williams candidly asking, “Can somebody sell me some Xanax?!” The unorthodox, punkrock behavior that the three Wavves [...]