Wot Gorilla? – Kebnekaise

Wot Gorilla?

Wot Gorilla? are a math rock four-piece from Halifax, England who strive to juggle heavy prog rock and pop melody amidst complex time structures and furiously tight musicianship. Kebnekaise, Wot Gorilla?’s debut full-length LP, finds the band excelling on the technical side of the equation while unfortunately coming up short in any worthwhile pathos. First [...]

Top 25 albums of 2011


Our very talented writer James Brightman recently wrote up his top 20 albums of the year, and fellow writer and long time friend of mine Michael Starr is about to write his. All due respect to those two, but neither of them know what they’re talking about and this is definitely the right list and [...]

The Weeknd – Thursday

Abel Tesfaye, that is, The Weeknd, is going to blow up. Inevitably. “Thursday,” the second mixtape in 2011 released by Drake’s protege– free on his site, just like the first –has already seen like 200,000 downloads, and it’s only been a day or two. The hype machine is pretty much on the verge breaking because [...]