Slip of the Tongue: Let’s talk about The Oscars

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Will sits down once again with Film Crit Hulk of BadassDigest.com for a three-pronged approach at analysing the Oscars. Hulk shares his experience and theories on nominations, the voting process and the show itself. Let’s talk about the Oscars (mp3 link) Bonus Oscars Episode (mp3 link) Listen to Slip of the Tongue on iTunes! Timeline: [...]

TST Hip Hop Podcast Ep.6 – Interview with Xuice Hades

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Mark and Travis ring in 2012 with a new interview featuring Sacramento emcee Xuice Hades. Formerly known as Illecism, the 22-year-old built a strong fanbase locally and all over the internet in several prominent hip hop media outlets with that name, then controversially changed it and deleted his heavily followed social media accounts just as [...]

Slip of the Tongue: Dan Warren

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Will sits down and talks with eccentric artist Dan Warren about his creative, bizarre and wonderful new project “Son of Strelka, Son of God” in which Barack Obama narrates a story of the death and rebirth of the universe. All music in the episode courtesy of Dan Warren. Dan Warren Interview(mp3 link). Click here to download [...]