Live Review: Young the Giant at The Egyptian Room

Young the Giant

On Tuesday night, Young the Giant made their inaugural appearance in Indianapolis to a crowd of roughly 1,500 in The Egyptian Room at Old National Centre. Young the Giant, comprised of Sameer Gadhia on vocals, Eric Cannata and Jacob Tilley on guitar, Payam Doostzadeh on bass, and Francois Comtois on drums, played a 75-minute set [...]

Chairlift @ the E.A.R.L.


Chairlift’s second LP release, Something, which came out in January, proved itself a definite Moulder-pop-polished followup to 2008’s Does You Inspire You. But the followup was long-awaited, and the new tour and the new hype and the drive of it all were turning my head around – ‘lifting,’ if you will, the band up the [...]

Review: Twin Shadow @ the E.A.R.L.


The miracle of the live Twin Shadow experience isn’t really miraculous at all. If anything, simply put, it’s a culmination of vocal ability, technological knowledge and, well, the simplistic nature of the music in the first place. There are many other factors in getting to those moments, I do realize, but as a live experience, [...]