Listen: Full Stream of Bassnectar’s Vava Voom

Vava Voom

Recently, Bassnectar released a stream of samplings from his forthcoming album, Vava Voom, but now the entire album is available via Rolling Stone. Eleven tracks strong, the album is set for release April 10th. Check out the album at Rolling Stone and let us know what you think!

Listen: Bassnectar and Lupe Fiasco – Vava Voom


As reported yesterday, Bassnectar released a sample compilation from each track on this forthcoming album Vava Voom. Also, we directed you towards a headbanging promo from both Bassnectar and Lupe Fiasco, the guest-rapper on the album’s simlarly-titled track. Now, “Vava Voom” is available for streaming exclusively via Rolling Stone. So head over to their website, check it [...]

Listen: Preview of Bassnectar’s Vava Voom


Posted yesterday, electronic figurehead Bassnectar posted a youtube video sampling snippets from each track on his forthcoming release, Vava Voom. The album, set to drop April 10th, has a star-studded tracklist ranging from Lupe Fiasco to Amp Live. Speaking of Lupe, check out his and Bassnectar’s teaser headbanging video. Check out the samples below and [...]