Watch: Live-Action ‘Halo’ Series Receives Trailer


Fans of Microsoft’s Halo series, hold on to your hats, eyeballs and respective genitalia, because a live-action adaptation of the series is finally on its way – and thanks to Comic-Con, now we all have a trailer to gawp at. The three-minute video previews the series, which will be five, fifteen minute episodes long, and will run through [...]

Minecraft Still Unstoppable – Sells 1 Million Copies on Xbox Live


Despite adding little to the original PC release, the Xbox 360 version of cult indie-legend Minecraft has reportedly broken 1 million downloads just one week after its launch on the Xbox LIVE Arcade, breaking all previous digital release records. This success can likely be chalked up to the new, more easily reachable fanbase that the [...]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review


Modern Warfare 3. What can I say about Modern Warfare 3? I can say Activision’s MW3 sold 6.5million copies of the game within 24 hours and earned a nice $400 million. Coming into the Autumn I made a decision to buy Battlefield 3 instead of MW3 and I’m afraid I made a mistake and I’ll [...]

Battlefield 3 Officially Banned In Iran

Scenes of Destruction in BF3

Battlefield 3 has been banned in Iran. Although BF3 was never actually released in Iran, retailers have been selling pirated copies. I doubt they will continue though as police have been raiding stores looking for BF3 copies and even going so far as to arrest store owners. The Iranian government got ticked off when they [...]

Xbox Live Accounts Hacked?

The Sun Front page Xbox Cyber fraud

I understand that times are hard at this moment and people are looking to save money. However after reading this article in a UK tabloid called ‘The Sun’ I was shocked to see the naivety of some people that is if u can trust ‘The Sun’s’ credibility. According to this newspaper,  ‘ONLINE crooks have hacked [...]