Alabama Limo

TST’s goal is to primary goal is to showcase and profile talented local artist. While on our search we came across Alabama Limo. The band made up of Lucas Todd on vocals and guitar, Jason Bogart on bass, Jeremy Dickens on lead guitar and Greg Maddox on drums, fuse Southern Rock and Blues to come up with a very unique sound.

Recently TST was able to speak to Alabama Limo Frontman Lucas Todd.

TST: First off let me thank you for taking the time out to answer a few questions.

TST: So, how did you come up with the name Alabama Limo?

Lucas: I came up with the name Alabama Limo because when I was in high school many years ago, I saw a bunch of old folks getting off a bus. And on the side of the bus was the name Alabama Limosine on it’s side. I was like “yea, that is definitely an Alabama Limo”. Because in Alabama; where I spent a large portion of my youth you see a lot more buses than limos. And I thought the name had a kinda of grimy honesty to it.

Lucas: How did you guys meet and eventually form the band? I (Todd) met Jason the bass player through Craigslist. I had been buying a ton of equipment and writing songs and stuff and also had a new baby daughter and my wife was like “if you’re not gonna be serious do some other shit”. And I kept thinking “Well I am serious,” but hadn’t made any real progress, so I put and ad on Craigslist. I got a bunch of weirdos and from the weirdos came Jason. who was actually also a weirdo, but very dedicated to a vision. We played with a few guitar players, found one, he flaked out and then we got Jeremy, who I’d known for a while. We talked about playing sometime, but it was only when our “guitar player” flaked out for the last time did I ask him to seriously come out. The 3 of us hit it off immediately and began rewriting some of my tunes to fit this style we were kinda coming up with, while writing new stuff as well. We started looking for a solid drummer, but had the hardest time with that, until we found Maddox; who is one of the sickest drummers around. He keeps talking about going on a 6 month hike in the Pacific Northwest, but until then he’ll keep laying down those solid beats.

TST: I found your sound to be pretty unique. How would you describe your sound or your music to someone that has never heard you before?

Lucas: Folks always ask bands how to describe what their music sounds like, and it really is tough. Because when you have to decide who you sound like it’s like “damn do we sound like such ‘n such”. I’ve always told people when they’d ask me before I had a band, when it was me and my acoustic, and I’d always say, “It sounds like I mean it” that I meant whatever it was I was saying. And now I guess it sounds like we all mean it. It’s rock for the most part, with a heavy blues influence, and we’re southern, so I guess it’s a modern southern blues with a definite rock edge.

TST: Who or whom would you say are your musical influences?

Lucas: Our influences are broad, so I’ll just put what we all agree on: The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, John Lee Hooker, The Black Crowes, Bob Dylan, The Band, Muddy Waters, really tons and tons. Some of us really like hip-hop, at least I know me and Maddox do for sure.

TST: Ok, it’s a year or two from now and Alabama Limo accepts their first Grammy. Let’s hear part of that acceptance speech.

Lucas: Okay, I’ll play along. If Alabama Limo were to win a Grammy, we’d hopefully had the chance to play that nite. I would thank my wife for putting up with all the bullshit, and my band for letting sing, and they’d probably thank their families as well , and maybe Jesus.

TST: What’s next for

Lucas: Right now we are recording, and we have a show on January 18th at the Red Light Cafe, and a few more shows to be posted as they are booked. Also anyone wanting to book us email [email protected] .