James Hall

This excerpt from his bio sums up James Hall better than we ever could. "James Hall is more than a singer. Through the stereo speakers, Hall is a wailer and a whisperer, a shouter, a seducer and all things in between. On stage he is a revelation - part black sheep archangel, part slick-suited voodoo conjurer hell-bent on raising the ghosts and hopes of the human heart.” Former Mary My Hope frontman and musically diverse artist / performer James Hall has multiple projects in the works as … [Read more...]

Hank III at Masquerade 7/08/09

This is part one of my adventures at Masquerade on July 8th. I had planned on covering the Hank III show as soon as I heard he was playing Masquerade. But it turned out that Gnostics, one of the artists that we're spotlighting, was opening for Atheist in Hell the same night. So I planned my attack; I would see Gnostic then go up and see Assjack and Hank III. I would have to miss Atheist. … [Read more...]

Featured Artist: Ahmad Hassan

What a great week this has been for me at The Silver Tongue! I've seen some amazing bands this week at Smith's Olde Bar and I had the opportunity to make a new friend in the most talked about musician in music, Ahmad Hassan. I had gotten wind of this incredible artist this week through a good friend and during my conversations with Ahmad, I had to get a little more information about his shows and background. Here is how the conversation went. TST: What's the origin of that name? Ahmad: … [Read more...]