Falling Hard to the Crystal Method

If the title of this article makes you blink or just want to tweek, I apologize in advance. Not really my intent. I just love a good play on words and even more so I love a song that electrifies me into a low voltage trance of thought and introspect. That’s what “Falling Hard” by The Crystal Method does for me from their 2009 album titled Divided by Night.

I doubt that this song would even come close to affecting me like it has without the celestial and serene vocals of the singer/songwriter Meiko who was born and raised in our very own state of Georgia. I say “our “ because I know that at least a few of the Silver Tongue’s readers and writers are from Georgia and we just get all besides ourselves when we watch success come out of our part of the country, right? (Insert Southern accent here).

Anyway, I will try to avoid taking away any emphasis that I am attempting to place on the romantic state of bliss this song puts me in with too much trivia and sarcasm. Just listen to the song. Just listen…
Shards of broken wine glasses and floating rose petals will appear while you close the curtains to your eyes and open your ears to the melody of a confused heart’s cry for mercy that I hear as “Falling Hard” plays on repeat.

Sinfully yours,

Judas Moon

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