Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin and FlyLeaf at James Brown Arena

Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin and Flyleaf all delivered inspired performances Tuesday night at the James Brown Arena in Augusta, Georgia.

Flyleaf kicked off the show delivering an amazing 45-minute set. For me they were the surprise of the night. This was my first time seeing the young rock group and I was profoundly impressed. Frontwoman Lacey Mosley has a beautiful voice and great range.  And if you’re into rockers that scream then she’s your girl.

The band is currently touring in support of their latest album “Momento Mori” and performed a 12-song set which consisted of “All Around Me” and “Beautiful Bride”. The stage at James Brown Arena was massive and the band used every inch of it. Lacy spun round and round while bassist Pat Seals flailed about. They closed out their set with “Arise”, which was the best song from the set. For Flyleaf it was a night of amazing vocals and pounding melodic rock music all performed by a band brave enough stay true to their convictions and sing about topics they truly believe in. And I must add that at certain points in their set they were louder than both headlining acts. I also have to note that while in Augusta I had a chance to talk to several young concert goers that have been touched by this band’s music and inspired by their message.

Next was Breaking Benjamin. I was a BB virgin. I had never seen the band live before that moment and I was equally impressed by their performance. During the hour long set the band played songs that spanned their nearly 10 year career.

They opened the set with “I Will Not Bow” from the CD “Dear Agony” and went into “Sooner or Later” and “So Cold” . Frontman Benjamin Burnley gave a flawless performance. This band is pretty middle of the road and have songs, some heavy and some not, that appeal to a wide variety of concert goers. The other amazing thing about this performance was the video screen behind the band that kept you visually stimulated (you know we’re all big kids. We love flashy colors). The screen flashed images of the different band members as well as a variety of random images that seemed to fit each song. The highlight of the set was the band’s rendition of Aerosmith’s “Dream On”. Once again the band played upon the concert goers need to be drawn in visually by flashing pictures of past rock n’ roll legends on the screen. The faces of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Dimebag Darrell, Johnny Cash and finally Michael Jackson filled the screen. The fans were clearly enjoying this performance. The entire band gave 100% also making the most of the stage and engaging the audience the entire time.

They ended the set with “The Diary of Jane” and then left the stage to thunderous applause. Next up Three Days Grace.

Sirens blaring and flashing red lights filled the arena as Three Days Grace hit the stage. At this point every fan in the building, thousands upon thousands, had been worked into a frenzy. The previous bands did a great job keeping the fans excited.

Three Days Grace gave what I believe to be the best performance I’ve seen in years. Frontman Adam Gontier was perfection as the band performed a set filled with fan favorites from all three albums. “Pain”, “Animal I’ve Become” and the “love” song “I Hate Everything About You” were just a few of the songs the band performed. They also went through a few songs from their latest album “Life Starts Now” including “Break” and “The Good Life”. It’s hard to pick a highlight from this performance because every song, every note was impeccable, but the drum solo by Neil Sanderson was nothing short of spectacular. The other members left the stage while Sanderson pounded away for about 3-minutes on the rotating drum kit. And then the lights fell for a few seconds and a spotlight revealed Adam in the middle of the arena floor singing “I Don’t Care” to the crowd.

The set also included “Riot” and “Never to Late”. The line-up on this tour was astounding and the only thing that could have possibly made this concert better is longer sets.

It was a nearly three hour drive to Augusta to see the show, thinking the entire time, I can’t believe I’m driving three hours to see a show, but by time I left the show I was prepared to drive a lot further to see it again.

Sin Lucas, Editor

Photos by: Allen Ross Thomas

Click HERE to view more photos from the show.

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