• gregsfc

    I saw Hank and Friends the night before in Nashville. I’ve seen Hank twice before. Once in his prime in the early eighties. He was fantastic, displaying his singing and instrumental talents. The second time was an outdoor arena “Starwood” at his, then, annual B-day bash. He was around 40 years old. He wasn’t that great, because he just didn’t put forth a tremendous effort to entertain.

    But in 2010, Hank is back and better than ever. Never before has he been able to connect so well with the audience, yet still focus so much on his performance. He hasn’t lost his voice, even at almost 61, and he hasn’t lost his ability to wow fans with his instrumental abilities.

    Yeah, yeah, the Rowdy Friends were okay, but only 30 seconds after Hank came on the stage, one forgets about the rest of the concert. One can feel his presence immediately.

    Hank still rules! The best ever!

  • dissiapointed

    I went to see the rowdy tour concert in Southavan, MS and was extremly dissiapointed. I have been a big fan of Hank JR. for a good 25 years and never had the oppertunity to see him in concert. The volume was way to loud and very distorted.I sat through the ok performances of his opening acts (the grascals where great) waiting for Hank and when he came out he was only singing very short parts of songs and singing through them very fast. Me and my girl left early and several other people were to. I will never consider seehing him in concert again.

  • Denise Faulkner

    I just attended Hanks concert in Raleigh NC and it was great! I had my 62 year old Mom and 14 year old son with me and we ALl had a great time! Hank rocked. I really enjoyed your piano playing! We also liked his tribute to all the great country singers who has passed on. Anyone who may have left may have missed one of the best concerts every! Thanks Hank