Is Grace Potter Really Having Sex On Stage? A Review

WHAT Grace Potter does onstage should be illegal. Feeling a little embarrassed watching Grace violently fling her head back and smile in ecstasy during her entire performance, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals rocked Atlanta’s Variety Playhouse last night (7/23/2010).

Known for her grainy voice, swamp-rock blues and gospel influence, Grace’s sexual energy could have inspired the sold-out crowd to collectively start smoking. Opening band Blues and Lasers sounded like a foghorn of straight-up 70′s rock and roll and ultimately, three members of that band make up The Nocturnals. Grace ignited the stage by popping out in a little rock-n-roll peek-a-boo dress and went straight to work belting her opening song “Sweet Hands” from her B-3 organ. Driving right into the latest album’s first single “Tiny Light,” you got the feeling that this 27-year old blondie was probably viewed as inappropriate when she was singing on school stages at 12 years old. Well, my mind wanders…

Anyway, she closed with a hard-rockin’ “Medicine” and the energy in the crowd was palpable. Hands in the air, fists pumping (NOT Jersey Shore-style), people singing along. Grace went bananas onstage. In fact, here’s a clip of the full-band banging on the drums during “Medicine” and Grace’s full-on stage freak-out.

With two encores, Grace brought her own bluesy version of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” playing with the insanely talented Nocturnals. Finally closing out with Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” leading into my favorite “Nothing But The Water – Parts 1 and 2.” Whew, WHO is she channeling onstage? HOW is this rock-and-roll porn only $15?

Grace has a way of drawing you in. She’s a rock-and-roll sexual spectacle onstage. She’s a total bad-ass guitar player (even rockin’ an old school Flying V) with a voice that can exquisitely wake the dead. Dirty swamp rock and blues and the Hammond organ adds an otherworldly soul you don’t expect from a white chick from Vermont. Guys love her because not only can she REALLY rock, but she’s a sexy blonde, too. Girls love her because she totally rocks and most of her songs are about love lost.

I kept wondering about what she’s like offstage. Is she smoldering in her love life or more demure? Is she in-your-face in person? Where did she learn how to play like that? Why do I even care?

That’s the answer. When a show leaves you with more questions than you came in with, the artist has succeeded onstage. The mystery, the energy, the show-stopping sex appeal, and the balls-out event that Grace Potter & the Nocturnals are, will keep you crawling back for more. And damn, she must have had 45 orgasms with all of us watching her.

Now that I’ve brought some of last night to you, you’ll need to go see her on your own. Check out her tour schedule here. And make sure you bring protection. It’s gonna be a wild night!

Allison Rizk, Contributor

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