The Civil Wars

As the music starts onstage, a hush deafens a noisy crowd, and the audience is instantly hypnotized.  This is no ordinary show.  These are no ordinary performers.  The pit in front of the stage swells with people trying to catch a closer peek.   The men in the audience are fixed on the lady on the stage, gazing at her every move.  The girls are clutching their chests and closing their eyes to savor the moment.  Collectively, the audience is in disbelief of what they are witnessing as questions start to build.

These are The Civil Wars.  An intriguingly captivating duo that only met and started performing a year ago.  Comprised of solo artists/songwriters Joy Williams from Nashville, TN and John Paul White of Muscle Shoals, AL, the chemistry of these two are palpable.  The Civil Wars have captured audiences based on a stripped approach of mainly a guitar and two harmonious voices with salivating lyrics that leave you desperate to know more.

Watching The Civil Wars live “was the sexiest thing I have ever seen,” stated Eddie Owen, founder of Atlanta’s legendary music venue, Eddie’s Attic.  After recording their live performance at Eddie’s Attic in November 2009 and offering it for free on The Civil Wars MySpace Page, it boasts 80,000 downloads to date.  The first official video ”Poison & Wine” was hurriedly shot over a weekend in support of a sudden music placement on Grey’s Anatomy (Episode 609), prompting almost 319,000 views.

In an interview recorded earlier this year, Joy and John Paul talked about the purposeful restraint they use in their songwriting.  Releasing their full length album Barton Hollow on February 1, 2011, here’s a taste of The Civil Wars’ live performance of title track recorded unplugged after the venues’ microphones had stopped working due to technical difficulties.

The Civil Wars Website | Facebook | Twitter | The Civil Wars Live Videos

Allison Rizk, Contributor

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