• jay

    Pathetic Psychofrenic. Ghetto, negative, bully, psychopath, jealous, greedy, stupid, 35 year old girl. Sad.

  • Melissa

    Fact: Nicki Minaj has several songs that are targeted toward Lil Kim since 2003.
    Fact: Nicki Minaj admitted that Roman’s Revenge was targeting Lil Kim.
    Nicki Minaj is illmannered, disrespectful and jealous.
    Lil Kim is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, business owner, model. She is a legend and she doesn’t have record another song. She is a talented woman and she doesn’t need to rap for her entire life. She is very versatile The problem is you all Nicki Minaj fans see her as a threat. That’s why you all are talking about Lil Kim daily.

    If you was disrespectful to your mother you wouldn’t call her a hater. That doesn’t make any sense. The truth is the light. You guys can spin the story anyway you like. You all know that Nicki Minaj is a troublemaker with 5 different personalities. She doesn’t take ownership. She has her fans on the battlefield fighting her battles. That’s sad.

    Lil Kim is a beautiful lady. She look better than some of these teens. It’s so sad that you all resort to name calling.