• chris

    I doubt Rob wants the role so I don’t think it matters.

  • Nat


  • Rachel

    I don’t find Robert Pattinson particularly attractive, but I think he’s a very talented musician – he can play piano and guitar well and he has a beatuiful voice – so I’m not sure that much acting will be required. Besides, anyone who has seen ‘Remember Me’ will know he can act too. I think he would be great in this role. Go Robert!

  • Rachel

    p.s. Jeff Buckley is allegedly one of Rob’s idols, so I’m sure he’d give a 100% to the role.

  • carolyn

    I could not have said it better *RACHEL*
    Rob has played music his whole life…. Has writen/composed some beautiful songs, along with that beautiful voice…His passionate portral in Remberer Me, (funny one in, How To BE)and his desire to get that movie out there by producing it, sounds, I believe, like the same desire he could have for a role like this, and his passion for Jeff musically, would obviously come out in that role…I do not know if this is true thoung…I think Rob knows most people will only see him as damn Edward for a long time, and I feel for him. He cannot wait to shed that image, but he is extremely humble, and would only want the best person to play Jeff. I think he may not feel secure enough in himself to play a role like this, though I believe he can…I do feel he is becoming more confident, for it is obvious hollywood has taken a shine to this very unhollywood guy, due mostly to his “wonderful personality and potential”-Tom Hanks…A good person to have on your side Robbie…Along with fans, who really care about your future in whatever you decide to do, and want as much for you to run as far away from Twilight as possible…Run, Robert, Run;) I know you appreciate what it has done on the upside, but there has been a big down side too…Leo D. said, “If I can do, Rob can too”…Even Mr. Depp said, he could not have done anymore with a script like Twilight than you did, lol…You’ve got some good backing in Hollywood, and here in the real world…

  • carolyn

    *Rachal*…I do think Robert is attractive though…It has something to do with that beauty on the inside, makes you more beautiful on the outside, thingy;)

  • Elin

    I belive that Jeff Buckley deserves to be portrayed in the most amaizing way as he was, and if it means Robert Pattison should play the role then that is wat it should be. Obviously pattison has bean known for his tallent as a vampire actor?!!!Bla Bla!!! But people deserve a chance to show wat els the can do, and i belive he can do that. Also it could not be as bad as x factor contestants trying to sing his songs its just insulting!!!!!!Aghhh!! Atleast pattison would make you feel the songs and make you belive the power Bukley gave us with his tallent. x

  • anny

    rob is going to be perfect if he takes that role he sings very well and he is a great actor and IM sure he will be one of the biggest actor ever just lets give him some time to show it and HE IS THE SEXIEST MAN EVER

  • http://thesilvertongueonline.com/?p=22099 spence

    with voice coaching he could probably pull if off.

  • Courtney

    Why not give Rob the role? he is a talented musician and a fine actor. If the powers that be want Jeff’s story to be told right surely it has to be done by someone who can actually play and sing. I’ve heard other names banied about like Johnny Depp….. too old man……not the right look either. James Franco…… not feeling it. Ryan Gosling don’t think so. I hear Jeff’s Mum is heavily involved if so I hope she gives her son the story he deserves by really considering Rob. Ignore all the Twilight stuff, listen to his music and speak to other actors and directors he’s worked with all who say how professional he is to work with and a talent yet to be recognised fully.

  • Arkansas

    I think Robert Pattinson works very hard to do his best. I think he would be very good at playing Jeff Buckley. Why would someone think he couldn’t play Jeff Buckley? Robert has performed well in all the roles he has had to date. Give him a break. In addition, he is very pretty to look at!

  • Merlin

    Like the others, if it’s true and Rob really wants it, and its been offered, he should do it.
    It has been ages since I can say, I have seen an actor with talent, looks, and personality combined. Most out there, leave me cold. He effects me at a visceral level. I watch and listen mesmerized like some fool kid. He is a pretty amazing personality half kid, half man, but all talent. I totally enjoy his stuff. He has not even scratched the surface of his ability. I wish him a successful journey. And yes, I think he is extremely attractive to the point of beautiful in a manly way.