Lil’ B Releases “I”m Gay” on iTunes

Lil B said last month that his newest offering, “I’m Gay (I’m Happy),” is “a very personal album. It’s going to touch the people. I’m letting the earth, life to tell me when to do it and when is the right time [to release it]. I don’t want to rush into this.” Then, yesterday, with no warning whatsoever, he announced via Twitter that the album was available on iTunes. Lupe Fiasco recently called the album “absolute genius,” especially praising its provocative title, for which Lil B has in fact received death threats.

Today, Lil B went a step further and in fact tweeted a mediafire link to “I’m Gay.” He’s known for leaking his own music in this way, but compounded with the lack of announcement regarding the album release, this comes as a great shock, as well as one more indicator of how much respect and love Lil B has for his fanbase– even if you can’t afford to pay $10, Lil B still wants you to hear it. Check out the tweet:

Support good music! “I’m Gay (I’m Happy)” is available now on iTunes for $10.