Gold is the New Platinum: Disappointing Record Sales of 2011

The White Wale of Music

The days of multiple artists going platinum are long gone and going triple or quadruple platinum seems to be extinct. So far this year only three albums have reached the 1 million mark, Lil’ Wheezy with the newest Carter, Miss Gaga who sold over a mil in the first week then puttered out and the top dog of the year so far is Adele with the album “21″ which is still around one million copies short of last year’s top seller Eminem’s “Recovery.” Jay-z and Kanye had to team up to make sure they reach Plat.

There are many things that can be blamed for the drop in record sales and the fact that sales have all but bottomed out is undeniable. In 2002 Eminem sold over 7 million copies of “The Eminem Show,” and the question is, “Will we ever see anything like that again?”

The top ten selling albums of 2010 all sold over one million copies and with only three months left in 2011 there are currently only two albums with over a million copies sold and only one other that has a realistic chance of getting there.

In the crumbling world of rock music selling fifty thousand copies is like hitting the lotto. The Foo Fighters are the only rock band in 2011 to break into the top 20 with over 400,000 albums sold.

The music business has been in a free-fall since the early 2000′s and who knows how soon it will recover and many people are wondering if songs that aren’t about clubbing, tossing money around, and all the different ways to shake it will ever make it back into the mainstream. If we want music to remain an art form instead of purely a vessel for advertisement something needs to change. As a music lover of all kinds I am just waiting for the next big thing that will change the music world for the better. I just hope that the rumors floating around about giving albums out for free but filled with ads is just that…a rumor.