New Projects for Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has been working on two new major projects.  For her directorial debut the superstar is currently working on her upcoming TV special “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving” and her brand new music video for the track “Marry the Night”. 

The holiday TV special will feature performances from Lady Gaga as well as a sit down interview with Katie Couric.  The two will discuss her career and her relationships.

“Been up all night editing my first TWO films as director!  Marry the Night Video + “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving” the 2nd airing on thanksgiving! (sic)” she tweeted.

Lady Gaga performed her new song “Marry the Night”, last night, on the UK version of The X Factor.  Ofcom, the UK communications regulator, received multiple complaints on the performance.  Gaga performed the opening of the song from inside a confessional box in front of a large crucifix.  She then exited the booth and appeared as a decapitated corpse, singing with her head in what seemed to be her hands.  The 25-year-old singer then later reappeared wearing a black lace leotard and fishnet tights for the finale. 

“I performed Marry the Night last night on X Factor.  So fun!  ThankYou UK Monsters for all your love! (sic)”  she later tweeted.