The Sunday Supply Week 1: Minecraft


Welcome to ‘The Sunday Supply’ (a name that’s subject to change). This weekly article will feature PC games that I feel don’t get enough attention. I will pick an online game during the week, play it when I can and then review it on the Sunday. The games will range from anything from a cheap Steam game to an online great. I’ll provide the price, a link to download or buy, a rating and a reason to buy or not buy.

So to begin. Week 1 of The Sunday Supply is on a game called Minecraft. The owner and creator Marcus Perssen, known as ‘Notch’ or @notch on twitter released the Alpha version May 17 2009 and the recognition and popularity for Minecraft has escalated since. He recently sold his 4,000,000th copy, which was still Beta. Two years after the Alpha release he finally releases the ‘Full Game’ if you could call it that as there’s constantly new patches and updates being done on the game, all of which help to improve it.

I had trouble finding a genre to place Minecraft in, since it’s not a Sandbox, or an RPG i felt i had to go to the Minecraft wiki to take their intro because they have the closest thing to an explanation there is for Minecraft.

“Minecraft is a sandbox construction game, inspired by Infiniminer, Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper, created by Markus Persson, the founder of Mojang AB. The game involves players creating and destroying various types of blocks in a three dimensional environment. The player takes an avatar that can destroy or create blocks, forming fantastic structures, creations and artwork across the various multiplayer servers in multiple game modes.”

The intro isn’t 100% accurate as it’s not a sandbox, and there is more to it than building stuff. You can create your own story and your own world.

When you download Minecraft and log in and create your own randomly generated world, you have to realise that there is no limit to how far you can walk in one direction and it’s not as simple as just breaking blocks. To start, you must punch a tree, then make the wood into wooden planks and make a workbench to make tools to gather resources to make a shelter, a house and after that a village. Or you can take the lazy route and find an NPC village and take a house there. After you find a home, you then find yourself mining, farming and hunting for food. Don’t worry though, that’s not all there is to Minecraft as when your comfortable with your situation, you can opt to travel to ‘The Nether’ by creating a Portal or you can attempt to find a ‘Stronghold’ in the regular world. Either way, both have great rewards inside. Oh, and you must do all this without dying and losing your inventor or your entire world if you are playing on Hardcore mode although I wouldn’t advise taking on the Hardcore mode until you’ve gotten comfortable with the basics, and even after getting comfortable with the regular game, and playing on Hardcore, your Single Player adventure doesn’t end as there are hundreds of Mods available such as Mo creatures which add’s a lot more mobs like Ogre’s, Lion’s, Piranha’s, Horses, etc. You can tame, breed and even mount horses and that’s just one Mod.

So after you’ve become experienced in single player mode, you can establish yourself worldwide with Multiplayer.  All you need is a Server IP which aren’t hard to find. Some can be strict but others are free flowing and lots of fun. I would recommend joining a server with no grieving. This is where a player destroy’s another’s property or steals their items. No doubt this can be fun but when you’ve put time and effort into gathering the stuff it’s frustrating when someone steals them. So either stand next to your chest 24/7 or join a server with lockette and no grieving.  I spent a lot of hours playing Mulitplayer though as it’s a lot of fun even if the bulk of players are teen’s. It doesn’t stop you from trying to create a masterpiece to impress people.  If you are not sure about buying Minecraft, go to Youtube and check out some peoples let’s plays. Try ‘PotatoOrgy’ , ‘BlueXephos’ and ‘IHasCupquake’  Youtube channels.

Apologies for not having  many cons, but honestly I found it hard to find any. You can make your own mind up.

To download click Here

It costs €19.95 the price will change depending on your country and it’s well worth the money. I give Minecraft a 10/10 because you can take control and do whatever you want. It’s a peoples game. Very relaxing and a game you can always go back to. Buy Minecraft if you need that relaxing Sunday game that will pass the day by without you even knowing.

So go ahead. Try this Block Building, Survival, Adventure, Infinitely Generating World 1st Person, 3rd person game. If you liked Lego as a kid you will love this.

Thank you for taking your time out to read this

P.S watch out for Creepers. They have explosive personalities.

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