A Hard Rock Christmas Song Revisited By…Walt Disney?

The holidays always bring back fond memories, and one of those is Rise Against’s “Making Christmas”.

According to purevolume.com, you can never have too many variations of a holiday song, and I agree. The rock band covered “Making Christmas” from A Nightmare Before Christmas, for New Nightmare Revisited by Walt Disney Records back in 2008, and in my opinion, it came out a success, and still continues to be a success to the point where I just can’t get enough.

Personally, I love the old-fashioned, classical Christmas songs, but (cue album skip sound), I will also be the first to admit that it gets a little tiring. We all know that there are millions of rock fans out there, and we also know that the same version of “Jingle Bell Rock” can become a little monotonous. At least before it becomes infuriating after the 30th time it’s on the radio.

Normally, you wouldn’t think that Rise Against goes well with holiday songs–or Disney. But wasn’t Tim Burton always the one exception to that rule? The cover of this song turns out to be the perfect combination of creepy and brash enough to still hold up Rise Against’s hard rock reputation, which I love. Also, I’m not sure who really doesn’t love Tim Burton or his crazy antics with Jack Skellington and Sally. It is definitely a song that I have on repeat, and I praise Walt Disney for this whole ingenius CD, between Rise Against, Amy Lee’s eerie cover of Sally’s song, or Flyleaf’s enchanting “What’s This?”, or Shiny Toy Gun’s extremely creepy rendition of Finale/Reprise. Because really, does everything have to be princesses and magic?

All in all, “Making Christmas”, adds a new level of sugar, spice, and–except everything nice–to the holidays.

Check out the video below to revive the best fast, rock-infused cover of a holiday song you’ll ever hear. The scenes from A Nightmare Before Christmas just make it even more twistedly lovable.