Biker Build Off: One Talent and Two Immature A-holes

If you’re anything like me and watch the Discovery Channel on a regular basis, then you know all about the biker build off between OCC, Paul Jr. Designs and Jesse James. I had all but forgotten that Jesse James was once a builder of motorcycles and also had a TV show of his own. He has been known for his infidelity with hot women, and his goal is to prove that he can still build motorcycles. There have been many great names that have tried to make the comeback from a public display of cheating on their wives with waitresses, models, actresses, hookers, men, but I digress. Jesse James is taking on two of the top and most publicized names in the motorcycle world, OCC and Paul Jr. Designs.

These three companies took place in a build off with a three-week deadline with the winner being determined by fans through the internet and announced live tomorrow night on Discovery. The build show was filled with a bunch of rehearsed trash talking from OCC and Jesse James. Paul Jr. Designs let loose with some taunts and a couple of spot-on predictions. They talked about how Jesse James better build something that can’t be found in a run-of-the-mill biker magazine and that OCC would come up with something crazy, over the top that may or may not make sense.

These predictions came true when OCC built something that wasn’t even technically a motorcycle with flame-throwers attached. The finished product topped out at maybe 15 miles per hour and required the rider to lie flat on their belly to ride. The machine is an electric futuristic mockery of a submission for a motorcycle builder on a nationally televised show with your reputation against your competition is on the line.

The feud between Senior and Junior has been well publicized through their show. After fights, lawsuits, a company split, it has resulted in a termination of communication between father and son. Junior has reacted in a fairly calm matter, started a steadily growing company and has extremely reasonable arguments of why he doesn’t communicate with his thick headed father.

Senior on the other hand has surrounded himself with a team of people who play into all of his insecurities and take part in his amplified immature call out to his son. I find it to be amazing that a senior citizen man can be so immature. His entire focus has become playing immature pranks and doing anything he can to prove he is better than his son. Most fathers would be proud to have a son with a successful business, a hot wife, and a ton of talent. In an interview Paul Sr. said, “If it wasn’t for me, Junior would have built any bikes,” referring that if he hadn’t made the footsteps, Junior wouldn’t have followed them. He is unwilling to admit that his son has surpassed him.

As one of their pranks Senior and the OCC crew drove to an adjacent parking lot to Paul Jr. Designs with the Machine they built and used the flame throwers to light a car that eventually blew up. Senior laughed as they lit a full size card- board cut of Junior on fire. He is clearly going over the line between man and numb-skull.

Jesse James built a bare-bones motorcycle that would look good if it had been submitted in a contest 20 years ago and he was filled with insecurity on camera. James started out with him and one other guy to build the bike and later called in a team when he realized he would never finish in time for the deadline. The finish product had a classic look but was in no shape for an ultimate build-off. Jesse did more shit talking and ranting about how much he hated Hollywood into a camera that would put everything he said on TV. It is hard watch someone criticize others for being on TV building bikes when he is doing the same thing. James stated that he wanted to take part in the build-off to prove to everyone that he is not just an unfaithful husband; he is a supreme bike builder. He spent time going over how he hated the Hollywood life and how neither of his two competitors could hold a candle to his inflated sense of talent. Jesse James confirmed his conceited, immature way of thinking and also proved he has no game in the world of building bikes.

Junior and his team got fired up and talked some shit in the beginning of the show and then brought a World War ll fighter plane into the shop for the inspiration to build their bike. They got to work and didn’t light anything on fire or blow anything up with their competitors face on it. The end result from Paul Jr. Designs proves that he is the premier bike builder in this trio. The nickel-plated, copper finish on this masterpiece makes it look like something from a different generation but not at all futuristic. If I was in Vegas I would put my entire net-worth on the Paul Jr. bike in this contest.

This biker build off show proved a few things to fans of the series and something about Jesse James. It proved that Jesse James doesn’t have his own show, cheats on his wife, and is dis-liked simply because he is an ass-hole. Senior is on the brink of insanity, the success of his son and slipping success at OCC is eating him alive and is entirely to thick-headed to admit his faults and reunite with his son. It also reaffirmed the fact that Paul Jr. made OCC what it grew into and is doing a good job of blowing up his own bike company.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Warren-Passmore/100003107712954 Warren Passmore

      Why is everyone making such a big deal of Junior. He wouldn’t be where he is without his father’s guidance. He was put in a supervisory position at OCC and came in late everyday, walked around with his coffee and on the phone all day. Sure he designed some nice bikes but it wasn’t all about him. Senior had to run a business and babysit Junior and Mikey all day, everyday. Junior wouldn’t be successful if he didn’t have the traitors working for him. I don’t really care for Jesse James but he truley built a better bike this time. OCC could have won hands down if they only built a bike instead of a three wheeled batmobile and Junior needs to get out of cartoon land

      • Anonymous

        I don’t ever remember ANYONE not giving Sr. credit for his Iron Works or Starting building bikes.. Later devoting full time to bike building bringing Jr. over from the Iron Works.. Now the OCC logo was designed by who, You guessed it, JR.. Were their work ethics different, yes… But I have NEVER witnessed Sr. Build a bike on his own no more than Jr… Senior’s purpose on the show was to yell as far as I can determine.. I have NEVER seen a Father so antagonistic toward their offspring… I don’t know what the name of the other brother who took over the Iron Works, but he to is on the outs with Sr.. You have to ask, Why are all these brothers on the outs with Sr… It’s like no mater what the kids to right, they will never be given any credit for it.. In Sr. words, “If it wasn’t for me, it wouldn’t have got done!” Well technically, all fathers could say that, but don’t… He’s not a father but a Competitor and has the luxury of being the Father starting both businesses and lords it over his Sons…

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1596364332 Mike McKinley

        “OCC could have won hands down if they only built a bike…”

        So why didn’t they build a bike?

        REASON: Sr. knew he couldn’t beat PJD, and this was his out.

      • Bildak

        He was part owner of OCC and didn’t need to report to daddy like some slave and being in a supervisory position is what he did there. He also designed quite a few of the bikes built at OCC and that alone should justify giving him sone slack in his work ethics. He’s a designer/creator, not a dog and shouldn’t be treated like one. You are right about one thing, senior does need to run the business, and he is doing a great job of running it straight into the ground……..

      • Djcoley

        Junior still had the designs in hi head that direspectful old man mkes me sick I would be proud of him if he was my son.That old man files bankrupcy all the time and the taxpayers have given him write offs for that business too. He basically ran ironworks into the ground before he staryed occ choppers. I have seen plenty of times Pauly jr stayed way past quiting time working who could work with that old man om your ass all day??He turned Vinnie into a trash man instead of a bike builder. Senior does nothing but sit and none of his sons talk to him something caused that his steroid abuse or a horrible childhood that turned into a horrible adulthood. wow what a wonderful father he isnt…

    • Beasley112362

      I just finished watching the show which I had it taped. It really amazes me as just how much Jesse and Sr are so much alike. They don’t know how to talk about anything because of all the BLEEPING that goes on. Sr has no idea as to how to build a bike with a design in the 21st century. & neither does Jesse. Jesse’s design is terrible. You can’t even see around the FORKS & Handle Bars. & the handle bars are so high this bike would be so uncomfortable to drive any distance at all. Jr on the other hand just keeps his mouth shut and never tries to belittle anyone,& he just continues to do what he does best. I just wonder if Discovery is going to sweep this show under the carpet the way they had to do with the Cadalllac Bike. Jr’s was so much better than SR’s It just a huge disgrace to OCC and their shop. You would think Sr would stop trying to compete with Jr because Sr is no match at all. If Rick did not work at OCC they would have to shut their doors.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Y56AKDI5TYIWEXYZIV3FOLNDLU AlvinD

        Thank god someone is seeing Sr. for what he is. As a father I could never do my kids like that take someone elses side over my child.I see rick leaving OCC in the future because Sr. is killing his shop by spending time talking about Jr. Shut up and put up let you work show what you are about.

        • Clpfarr

          Obviously the problem lies with Senior, alone. None of his sons have anything to do with him. He has burned every bridge and has nothing nice to say about any of them. Shame on him for acting like he is in grade school.

    • As_azul

      I’d rather ride a bike made by Jesse rather than the showpieces built by PJD.

    • Rlmccord_36067

      PJD got it ! JJ foul mouth SOB.

      • Bobed

        Jesse can build… butt mess up with Sandra Bullock come on now !!!!! Takes and idiot to do that lol… my father and I use to watch the show faithfully together, But with SR being the way it looks on TV its hands down PJD not alot of fab but definitly style and ridible machines …… Sr has {RICK} Jr has himself and Jesse has his {dog}….

    • Twolve81bball

      Jesse wearing a HA Support shirt during the episode while living and earning a living in Bandido Country was offensive !!

    • david alan

      ..Personally, i think Jessie James is jealous of OCC and PJD”S success..i also feel he is loosing and has lost the respect of almost EVERYONE that knew of him as a bike builder, for the trash talking he does, AND for his scandolous behavior as a husband..yes, his behavior DID reflect on his career!! so, in one word, he in my opinion is an asshole!! occ and pjd give there clients what they want, and the outcome is phenominal!! they both have monopolized and capitalized on the “theme bike”, and i feel they deserve much recognized respect as successful businessman!!

      ..Personally, i think Jessie James is jealous of OCC and PJD”S success..i also feel he is loosing and has lost the respect of almost EVERYONE that knew of him as a bike builder, for the trash talking he does, AND for his scandolous behavior as a husband..yes, his behavior DID reflect on his career!! so, in one word, he in my opinion is an asshole!! occ and pjd give there clients what they want, and the outcome is phenominal!! they both have monopolized and capitalized on the “theme bike”, and i feel they deserve much recognized respect as successful businessman!!

    • Akcraig72547

      Jesse who,nobody cares about him,That why he does not have a show.GO back to Texas and do what you do best sleep with all the girls and leave the bike building to PJD. Bye Bye Jesse.

    • Bikerbob

      If the producers at Discovery are lame enough to do a reality show with Jessy “the has-been dick” James because they think it will increase ratings they are way fucked up. An hour show hearing that dip shit getting bleeped every other word? Give me a break. I’d rather watch the fucking Weather chanel!!

    • Jhoriguchi

      I can’t believe that Jessie’s bike didn’t win.. but then again most of the people that watch and voted probably don’t own a bike or ride so their opinion is suspect. With this in mind I don’t think this was JJ coolest bike at all, but it is far better than Paul Jr’s bike. It looks like a gangsta pimp’s bicycle . IF he had used a realistic tire and wheel size I think it would have looked much better and POSSIBLY could have won on its own merits. Lets be honest people were voting before even seeing the completed bikes.. so it had very little to do with which bike looked better. It is easier to like Paul Jr. than Jessie.. and lets be honest Paul Sr. didn’t bring a bike to the bike build off … so he doesn’t even get to compete .

      • Anonymous

        This was a biker build off… Jesse brought NOTHING new to the table.. It is only another Old School Chopper like many you see every day at bike gatherings… He proved nothing in this build except that after trash mouthing the others for working as teams, in the end he had to buck up and fall back on his TEAM to get the job done.. Jr. Has a long list of theme bikes, that’s what he does, but he was also involved with designing OCC line of bikes for sale to everyday people from their show room.. What I’m saying is, if Jr. can build such great theme bikes, including this one, an Old School Chopper would be easy child’s play.. Let me see Jesse James think out of his Ape hanger box and build a bike of such demanding design work as a theme bike requires..

      • TJ

        And you base your opinion that most viewers don’t ride or own a bike on…

    • Long Beach52

      i just finished watching the buid-off, and what a let down, jesse james will always be the best bike builder hands down, i feel like that show was scripted, and by that i mean…. it wasnt really judged by the fans, it was pre-determined who they were going to LET win, i mean look at jrs bling bling rappers motorcycle,SUCKS….., and i agree with others who have posted here, that jr needs to be more thankful to his dad for showing him the art of building bikes! JESSE you should have won.. long live long beach,ca 90802

    • TJ

      Being somewhat anti-OCC/PJD because their motorcycles fit my idea of hideous to a “T,” I went online to cast my vote for Jesse. I’d seen Paul Sr.’s sideshow moon-rover ATV mining-cart entry, but not Pauly’s. In the name of fairplay, I decided to take a quick look before voting. I was stunned, I really was. I wouldn’t be caught dead on it, but there’s no question the P-51 inspired entry would warrant a spot in the Smithsonian, the Guggenheim, or any other museum/art gallery worthy of the name. Senior’s entry was no more than comic relief, and Jesse’s would have been nice 15 years ago. I wish them both well, but it’s clear that the torches of creativity have been passed. A word of advice for Paul Sr.- keep Rick, but lose all those damn head-bobbing “yes men” and hide that overgrown 12 year-old computer nerd as deep as you can in the nearest box of kitty liter. He is responsible for what has to be the most embarrassing night of your life. Nerds may be ok in their world, but they have no place in custom motorcycles. PJD, congratulations for your well-earned win.

      • shemmy

        this is the best post I have seen on all the web sites! I personally voted for Jesse just because of the fact he made the frame! to me that was impressive all on it’s own.

        • TJ

          Thank you. I liked Jesse’s entry a lot, especially that beautiful stainless frame, and would kill to own it, but didn’t think the bike was any better than what he was building 15 years ago. He took chopper quality to a whole new level all by his lonesome, but there’s only so much you can do with a custom motorcycle if you honor tradition, which he obviously does. I’ve already said I don’t care for OCC/PJD bikes, but I have to respect Pauly for what he accomplished. I’d cut them into little pieces if I had them, but using those giant rims on both ends for last night was a stroke of genius.

      • Pirate

        I agree with your comments mostly. Discovery created a show that most mostly a joke! A true bike build off is about the bike (fully working and riding bike). Not some show piece put together by custom made parts and then assembled. Don’t get me wrong, but Paul Jr’s bike is a work of art, but like Jesse said on the show, let’s ride them and see who’s lasts on the road! Jesse’s bike may have been lame to some of you, but that is a “real” bike, that can be ridden for miles. Put Indian Larry or Billy Lane as builder’s with Jesse. Paul Junior is a show and theme bike builder and nothing else. Corporations do not go to Jesse, Billy or when he was alive, Indian Larry to build some sort of corporate show bike!

    • Bigjoe54

      no matter what jesse is the best paul jr builds toys not a real mans scooter and apparently you are a total dum ass to not know the difference do you even own a bike ol man tuttle is a real douche bag just like the rest of his family

      • TJ

        Yo, BJ. I own five motorcycles, all Harleys. Three are homebuilds and I built the engines in two of them. I’ve ridden through all of the 48 except Delaware, drag raced, road raced, and flattracked. How about you? PS- Speaking of total dum asses, free punctuation and spelling guides are available online.

    • nika

      now that is a good article! great job!

      • CharleneD

        Is that all you can say? We get it…. We are not thick like Jessee James. Yes he hand built a bike that can stand the long haul. However, in a build off he should have brought some creativity to the table as well. Anyone can talk shit.. but you need to bring your game if you think you can beat thoses other guys in looks. Jesses brought an average looking bike that any bike builder can throw together. He needed to give it some flair.. this is TV we are talking about and people want to see something great. Sorry to say, but eye cady always wins in a visual competition. Also, Jessee needs to shut his mouth.. I can’t believe how rediculous he sounded. How immature. I come from a family of bikers and bike builders and none of them talk like that.. I felt embarrased for him and just wanted him to shut his mouth for every word that came out was even more childish than the last. His bike may have been nice but his mouth and immaturity got in the way. Be a man and act like a man. Perhaps, his immature behavior is in correlation with his poor ability to be an honest man. Shitty man, shitty bike…

        • WillisSickOfPosers

          if you think that Jesse’s bike was average looking and that anyone could’ve thrown it together then that shows how little you and apparently a lot of other people in this blog,….. know about building bikes…….
          you may not like the guy like thousands of other people but if these guys would have done a real build off and had to RIDE ….not ship their bikes to sturgess, the Tuetuls would’ve been laughed back on a rig and strait out of town….The bikes were all nice but Jesse built a classic chop while pjd treated it like another corporate build (which thanks to discovery we’ve seen over the course of 5 seasons) and occ did some shit my 10yr old drew up for call of duty modern warfare3…… this whole thing was hollywood and it detracted from the bikes to really just blow things out of proportion with the drama between Pual sr. and Jr. and then as if to make matters even worse..the gay ass host (for real at biker build off you bring a fuckin’ host?!?) basically puts Jesse on the spot and tells him in so many words that if he doesn’t trash talk the tuetals while they’re there he’s a bitch….A lot of the trash talk between these guys was in good fun, if you go back and watch the original biker build offs they all talked trash and then shook hands after the win was announced in sturgess…but the announcer /host went to great lengths to try and make it more than what it was…This so called “build off was bought and sold long before it was aired and paul sr called it when he said it was a popularity contest….his mistake was thinking that Jesse was more popular than his son who (ironically) seems to have every bit of over inflated self worth as any other builder in the business who can turn out a work of art even if its not 100% as useable as Jesse’s or hundreds of other talented builders out there who either can’t get the spot light, or choose to avoid it.

          The real builders out there build classic chops which is why Jesse built what he built.
          No self respecting biker would ride anything else, because everything about riding a harley davidson today pays homage to the classic chops you saw in the 60′s and 70′s
          even the new bikes you see today built by major manufacturers copy that style for a reason…..It’s just my view point but if I was to walk in and ride out I’d be ride’n out on the REAL bike…ya’ll can keep that holywood shit…..The REAL bike builders?…..
          Indian Larry
          Billy Lane
          and even if you don’t like him……Jesse Fuckin’ James……

    • I M

      If the goal was to determine the absolute best bike builder in the world, then the answer was obvious before the show even started recording. In a world of bikes where the market is a 55 gallon drum, these “builders” are fighting over a teaspoon while Honda continues to dominate the majority of the barrels volume. Honda is the best builder. They build more bikes that people want than enyone else. And I say that as a loyal Yamaha rider.

      • PCXpert513acermann

        The bad news is that Bigjoe54 is the only who cares what you think about anything in Man World here.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1162458770 El Rizzo

      and one other thing this build off showed…whos the better MAN! kuddos to Paulie Jr for not falling into the shit talk on the show last night!!!

    • Hueyl

      Heard rumor that Paul Sr is going to be on the next “Celebrity Apprentice” (???) Guess he’s getting ready to move on to other things–Trump always has to have a couple one unstable people on the show to get the ratings—Wonder what Mikey and Jr would think about this?

    • Anonymous

      The best part of the show last night was watching Jesse asshole James sneak of the stage after Jr handed him his ass. What a fitting tribute to all the shit-talking.

      • PCXpert513acermann

        Not my business, but all you guys slinging those personal insults at Jesse and Senior know the new http://homesearch_post software will give up your names and home addresses, right?

        • clever

          So what’s your point Jesse James suposse to scare me with his mouth and as far as Paul his muscles are a little deflated sense his doctor/dealer got arrested.Jesse James is a internet tough guy on tv.

    • Midnightreigncyclewerx

      When are we gonna get back to showcasing real bikes and abandon all the drama? Sr. built an incredibly amazing machine that he rightfully should be proud of , too bad it was’nt a bike. My best advice to Sr. would be to demote Jason Poole back to the position of being an interface between someone who actually knows bikes, and his computer prowess. Jason might deserve a little more respect if we actually saw him ON a bike RIDING. By the way kudos to Sr. for wanting to put the past in the past where it belongs and making attempts to move on from the present. But he still has to remember the turmoil he put his family through on his journey to success and sobriety.
      Jr. did what he does best and built a pretty cool theme bike, but when are we gonna see him build a true RIDER? That is after all where this all began, motorcycles built out of a passion for riding, by men that got the job done regardless of the obstacles, lets see some of that eh? Jr. and Mikey to a much lesser extent did play a major role in making OCC what it eventually became, Sr. has to acknowlage this,just as Jr has to admit that without the ground work and sacrifice of his father before him he never would have had the oppertunity to build the skillsets that he has been fortunate enough to refine,and stop looking for an apology from the man who’s legs you stood on as you toddled along figureing out who you would become.
      Jesse James in my opinion is the only one of the three that has remained true to the spirit of the american biker, from his roots in gritty garages making due with what they had, and doing what they had to, to get the things they didnt have, if I’m not mistaken it was jesse that was on the forefront of reviving old WW2 era equipment and repurposeing it to make his first bikes the way he wanted them. Shortly after Jesse gained some measure of notoriety there seemed to be be an uptick in the new production of these machines and thier availibility, coincidence maybe…. Is the criticisim of Jesse’s so called plain vanilla entry deserved? I think not! He built his bike with his own hands and not with a shop full of CNC machines that did most of the work for him. Did he enlist the help of his friends and co-workers, damn right, and so did the other 2 contestants, did anyone else take notice the size of Jr.s team on stage with him? Class move by the way Jr. All that being said, I have to say the contest was either rigged in advance or the voting public is either under informed or doesnt understand the spirit of the american biker lifestyle. Lastly to those who feel the need to bring up Jesse’s personal relationship with Ms. Bullock get over it, it’s thier business and his life and have absolutely no bearing on a biker build off. Jesse stayed true to his roots and the biker spirit and was the real winner of this contest. Rock on Jesse, keep doin what you do.

      • WillisSickOfPosers

        Damn dude your one of the few non- idiots in here…lol

    • Dreamrz1972

      last nights votes were based on popularity,that and that lone is why jr won.his bike is not something you can ride everyday.jesse’s bike was clearly the better bike.anyone who actually rides a bike”not from their couch” would never have chose jr’s over jesse’s

      • TJ

        You’re wrong. I’m sure it would make the losers and their fans feel better to believe that, but it’s not true. Nobody said anything about the entries having to be roadworthy. If you want to see that, go to a harleyhondayamazusaki dealership. Pauly won because the PJD entry was by far the most creative motorcycle of the bunch, no contest. Jesse’s entry had a beautiful frame but was otherwise a generic WCC bike, only with too much stretch to ride for more than a mile without causing a neck injury by forcing the rider look around the gas tank. Senior’s entry was…well, you tell me. I have no idea what it was, but it wasn’t a motorcycle.

      • clever

        Now I know what dream stands for.

    • Hollywoodmg1

      Jesse said his bike looked like something the devil would ride he was rite about he the devils son.

    • clever

      Jesse James cheats on his right hand with his left and then talks smack about how his mouth would do a better job than both his left and right hand.

      • Framemaker

        I’m going to try hard to remember that one! And you summed up his little onstage tirade perfectly.

    • Buffi

      why do bikers always think they are soooo much better than the rest of the world?there are bikers and there are people who ride bikes, and most biker’s are just asshole’s (like jesse james)he is blasting JR for his so called cake decorating , but there are bike’s you ride , then there are show bike’s , just like some people have work trucks they drive daily, and show trucks they may only drive on weekends!! it ‘s the same thing PJD makes show bike’s and they are at the top of there game , but i guess if i was a washed up , wanna be indian larry, like jesse james or a complete dumbass like SR i would be cryin’ tooo!!! the best man/bike won!!!!

    • FrameMaker

      Ever risk your life to a stainless frame? Heavy, spongy, and too difficult to weld properly to trust. But then, if Jesses old show can be a guide, it won’t run lng enough to make it an issue.

    • Ricktroock

      Rick from OCC should be with junior. That would be so great and OCC would crumble. Paul junior would be on top of the world, Even though he’s there already.

    • Rico121us

      The morons from occ and pjd need to get a clue, jesse may have a mouth on him, but at least he still knows how to build a bike that will not rattle apart under you let alone the possibility of exploding in your face. Sr. couldn’t build a bike now if his life depended on it, Jr. can build bikes but his ideas are a bit dangerous (sorry I would not buy any of Jr.s bikes even if he gave me the money for it). Jesse on the other hand knows how to build a bike, even though he does a lot of shit-talking (and who doesn’t) he still gets the job done. so what if he had people come in later. (lets see how long it takes you to build what Jesse did before he called in help, bet it takes longer.) Jesse was my choice no matter what, win or lose.

    • Lowdeville390

      Pwaully junior is a no talent,garbage building,whiney mama’s boy,JJ’s bike was hands down the best out of the 2(seniors ski-doo doesn’t count imo).
      JJ should have knocked that faggot on his ass when he opened his yap on stage,the only reason he won is geeks who regularly discovery channel voted for his “amish wagon crossed with an a-bomb”.

      • Wfthomas

        Jessie James is a cry babby and he would get his ass wooped by Paul JR. Jessie would piss him self if any one looked at him the wrong way!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Gervais/1007937127 Michael Gervais

      Any one can build a pretty shell. Jesse built a true bike. I’d pick the old school chopper any day of the week, the other two bikes looked like crappy artwork.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VKMVRDIS4BOUBOJ77EOILYO63Y Kelli

      Wow I can tell form most of the comments that neither of you really “ride” bikes as one of you referred to it as “drive”, really?. For one this retard of an article is a blog and not a journalistic article worthy of what real bikers like.
      I think Jr. and his crew do great work but in the end he’s no different than OCC where his bikes really aren’t built to ride. To me he seems like a petulant child who couldn’t take direction and has no respect for someone who got him there. Personally I think him and his crew are turning into arrogant assholes. Don’t get me started with the retard loser Mikey. His bike won an art show, and will probably break down after 100 miles.

      OCC and Sr. well, his designer does not know bikes and should get more involved in the process. I’m not into his designs but his brand is what carries him these days. Say what you want but he’s made a success building bikes and running a company from the ground up so I have no room to slam the guy. And yes, recognition for Jr. designing most of the OCC stuff but the foundation was laid by Sr. For that he gets respect as well as a love for old school style bikes which are real bikes. 

      Jesse James. I know all of you talk the talk but I’ll bet you’d all piss your pants if you go toe-to0toe with him. Realistically he can build a bike by himself and which I’m sure Jr. cant. I’m also betting Sr. can still build an old school bike still too. Hell, the buy started his company from his garage like Jesse did. His decision to build that machine for the build off, if you didn’t get the message, was more like “I don’t give a f**k” attitude. Been there done that. He maybe past his prime but at least he’s been there which the majority of us can’t say because all we can do is talk shit on the internet. Face it, if you trash talk on the internet you’re pretty lame, and I’m admit that as well. 

      In conclusion, I’ll be the lone wolf that defends Jesse and Sr. because they at least have built real bikes that were made to ride, built by riders. How can you tell? Jr. looks so awkward when he rides a motorcycle. Yeah I’ve turned into a Jr. hater but as a rider, I call it like I see it. I don’t think Jr. averages 18,000-20,000 miles a year on riding. 

      Okay bring on the haters!!