The Veda Rays Release New Song For New Year’s

The Veda Rays, based out of Brooklyn, NY, have released a new song for download and to stream, centered specifically around New Year’s.

Along with a new EP projected to be out in the Spring, the indie meets art and experimental rock band has announced that “Old Long Since Now” will be available on their official site and through download on a few other specified sites.

According to their blog, The Veda Rays are calling the new song their “sort of Auld Land Syne,” putting forth a meaning behind the song and the classic Veda Ray lyrics that nearly everyone can relate to.

“In the spirit of Auld Lang Syne and written at the end of a decade, it was always our wish to share this track just in time for New Year’s Eve reveries…when everybody is cutting loose, raising the spirits, making hopeful plans…but at the same time sort of seeing things from a ways away…for better or worse…with a measure of hindsight; from this weird in-between place where we all mark time together and our pasts & futures maybe overlap for a moment.”

The slow, thoughtful nature of the song and deep lyrics leave room for reflection and only add to the anticipation of their 2012 EP Die Fast, which will be their second album after Gamma Rays Galaxy Rays Veda Rays. This band, and song, is guaranteed to have you hooked.

Stream the album, or get really daring and download it, here.