Drake Refrains From Making Common Diss Track

As tensions fizzle out from the Common/Drake beef, the latter solidified his position by declining to make a response track to Common’s scathing “Stay Schemin’” remix.

This information was confirmed during an interview with Nah Right at the video shoot for an upcoming visual for his collaboration with The Weeknd “The Zone”. He responded to questions regarding the beef with an utmost respect for Common’s career but basically broke down the situation to center around his album sales.

“No. Because despite how it’s been worded by him that situation is not a ‘hip hop moment’ or a ‘battle for the sake of musical integrity’…it’s a ploy for attention around the release of an album,” he said. “More than anything it was just disappointing cause what kid isn’t a fan of what Common has done for our genre. A guy who made such an incredible career for himself based off expressing genuine feelings about life and love is now targeting me for sharing my story.”

Interesting perspective for one who boldly proclaims the slogan “You only live once”.

    • Smmmoke

      When I listen to ‘Stay Schemin’ I think ‘oh yeah this’ll get a response.’ How did Drake not know that? He a punk mf.