Fleet Foxes Lose Drummer, Announce Side Project

Members of the Fleet Foxes turn their attention away from the band, losing their drummer and working on a side project titled Poor Moon. Drummer J. Tillman just announced that he will be leaving the band after their performance in Tokyo tonight. In a Tumblr post, he wrote, “Farewell Fleet Fans and Friends. Back into the gaping maw of obscurity I go. Tokyo is my last show with the Foxes. Sorry if I was distant and obtuse if we ever met. Have fun.”

Bass guitarist Christian Wargo and keyboardist Casey Wescott will be touring with their new band Poor Moon this Spring, but they will not be leaving Fleet Foxes. Wargo and Wescott began the project with brothers Ian and Peter Murray of The Christmas Cards, after their bands toured together in 2008. Recently signed to Sub Pop Records, Poor Moon will release their first EP Illusion on Mach 27. Listen to their single “People in Her Mind” and download it for free here.



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