Slip of the Tongue: Blues Funeral

In the latest episode of  Slip of the Tongue, Will and Michael sit down to discuss the 2012 Grammy’s and review “Blues Funeral”, the latest album by the Mark Lanegan Band.

Slip of the Tongue: Blues Funeraand(mp3 link)

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1:09 – 18:00 – We discuss the 2012 Grammy awards

18:00 – 24:12 – We discuss the controversy around Minaj’s Grammy performance and Catholicleague.org’s take

24:12 – 29:04 – We talk about Adele’s claim that she plans to take a four/five year break from music

29:04 – 31:14 – Shakira was attacked by a Sea Lion.

31:14 – 53:05 – We review the Mark Lanegan Band’s newest release, “Blues Funeral”

53:05 – 59:45 – Michael and Will talk about what they’ve been listening to this week

59:45 – 1:03:55 – We sound off with “Quiver Syndrome” by the Mark Lanegan Band

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