Interview: Evans Blue Singer Dan Chandler

Popular Indie rock band Evans Blue is preparing for the April release of their fourth album “Graveyard of Empires”. The album is the follow-up to 2009’s self-titled LP. While the album is being mixed and mastered and the 2012 tour scheduled prepared, singer Dan Chandler chatted with TST about the new album, his musical influences and the music industry .

On the new album:

“The new record is a bit different. On the last record with the guys I was the new singer and wanted to make my mark. This time around I’ve been with the band for years and it felt really natural.”

On replacing former lead vocalist Kevin Matisyn:

“I don’t really think about it that hard. I realize that some people will be ok with it while others won’t, but I look at it as an opportunity. I wasn’t new to music so I didn’t let it beat me down. I hoped that people would embrace me as the new singer and they did.”

His musical influences:

“Incubus inspires me. Their records got me really thinking about music. Rage Against the Machine is another band that’s influenced me. There are a few artists I could name. Anyone that makes me thing outside of the box and step away from my style.”

His collaboration wish list:

“I’m a fan of Eminem. He speaks really honest. I would like to see what would come out of that collaboration.”

Life on the road:

“When you’re on the road you wish you miss your family but after a week you’re ready to get back on the road.”

On the state of the music industry:

“The business end has affected us, but we’re independent and have a pretty solid foundation. We like having control over our own music but we wouldn’t be opposed to signing with a major label if the right deal came along.”

On the growing popularity of indie music:

“People are realizing they can do it on their own. The old way hasn’t been working and people are coming up with new ways. As an indie artist you might not have the money but you find more passionate people who have your back and people are finding more genuine music.”

On illegal downloads:

“When people download for free it’s a dollar here or there, but these are our jobs. We’re regular guys and this is work and when it’s taken for free it affects you. But if you put out a good product people will buy it no matter what.

Overall illegal downloading has affected the industry but you have to evolve and find other ways to reach your fans. Hopefully they’ll come out to a show and pick up a shirt.”

On the writing process:

“I write lyrics and the melodies for the entire album, but it’s really a group effort. We live in different states so it can be difficult, but if one of us comes up with something we get it to the others and start writing.”

On his favorite track on Graveyard of Empires:

“The track “Thank you” is my favorite. It has a bit of sarcasm about it. It’s mainly about people on the other side to the internet judging others.”

Dan has agreed to join us on a future iTunes podcast so check back for details. Graveyard of Empires drops in April 17th. Make sure you grab a copy.