Regina Spektor Reveals Album Release Date and Cover Art

As previously reported, Regina Spektor will release her sixth LP, “What We Saw From The Cheap Seats”,  later this year. Now the singer has unveiled the album’s artwork and release date of May 29th to Rolling Stone.

While discussing the album photo shoot Spektor said:

For the photo shoot, I brought a bunch of little props to interact with because I realized that my experience with photo shoots is just like Tina Fey describes in Bossy Pants, except instead of dead-shark eyes and all clothes not fitting, I have my own ones, like ‘Crazy Eyes’ and ‘Stiff Face’ and my own terminology for the problem. I tend to do better if I have an object to interact with.

Last month Spektor released the lead single from the forthcoming album. Listen to “All the Rowboats” below.