Westboro Baptist Church Protests Radiohead Concert

The hate mongers, better known as Westboro Baptist Church, decided to protest last night’s Radiohead concert in Kansas City, Missouri.

WBC posted a statement on their website, according to At Ease Web, which clarifies, to some degree, why they were wasting their time at a Radiohead show.

You have stolen the Word of God from your people and children, and as a sorry substitute, you prop up lightness and lies. You try to get the people to look at the nonsense and not at the wrath of God that abides upon them. “Look at the circus monkey over there and the fluffy setting, blah, blah…” Meanwhile, God is undoing this nation and effecting all of your lives, with the moth that quietly eats the very fabric of your national garment. Radiohead is just such an event. Freak monkey’s with mediocre tunes keeps you busy and focused by lightness. It changes nothing, God is undoing and digging up and throwing down this nation.

How does Westboro select what events to protest?  Is it determined by how much gas money they have and the location of the event. We are just baffled.

Photo courtesy of Twitter user @HullMitch