Download Pixies Coachella ’04 EP for Free

In light of the most recent Coachella weekend, the legendary Pixies have announced a free download of the best of the band’s Coachella set from 2004. For free you say? How could anyone say no? You can’t.

The set itself went down in history as one of the most celebrated performance’s of the festivals history, with the only recently reformed alternative band performing one of their very first shows. The setlist includes some of the band’s classics; “U-Mass,” “Monkey Gone To Heaven,” “Hey,” and “Caribou.”

Though rumours of a new album by the quartet have been circling for a good while now, the band have always said that any new material will have to be up to the same standard as their past releases. But for now, let’s just enjoy this lovely little surprise from the band, and cherish all they’ve done for alternative music.

Head over to the band’s offical site www.pixiesmusic.com to get the download now.

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