Modeskeletor’s Releases New Album in June

ModeNew album to be released in Juneskeletor will release a new album in June.

According to Monkeytown Records, the band is scheduled to release ”Modeskeletion Volume. 02″  this year as the band finishes off its North American tour.

The group has already released a Deluxe version of  the album  “Monkeytown,” while touring earlier this year. It features three songs with Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

The prolific duo, Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary,  has been around since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

In an interview in 2007  with The Red Alert, the group said their music reflects the “chaos and anarchy” of the times. The two started off by performing in illegal grounds, setting up shows in some seedy areas of Berlin.

“Nobody, especially the authorities, knew what to do. So they didn’t interfere when someone put up a pair of speakers in an abandoned building, put in a fog  machine and strobe light and threw a party,” the group told Red Alert.

“ Due to those illegal rave parties in   the ’90s we found our way to Techno. Throwing parties and buying records went   together back then. At the time, Techno was something incomputable. You didn’t  have the chance to know about new releases through the music press or the   internet. It was all through mouth to mouth propaganda and copied flyers.”

Modeskeletor is playing tonight in the Music Hall of Williamsburg and will continue its North America tour. Check out dates: www.modeselektor.com

Watch the official tour trailer:

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