Perfume Genius Tours Europe With New Album

Perfume Genius will tour Europe in May to promote Put Your Back N 2 It, yet another daringly poetic album by the Seattle-based solo artist.

Mike Hadreas, who uses the name Perfume Genius on stage, began making music a few years ago when he moved from New York to Washington (state) to live with his mother, to whom he dedicated a track from the new album.

“My mom is always asking why can’t I make something nice?” he told The Guardian newspaper.

“It’s kind of corny,” Hadreas told the newspaper,  “but when I played it to her in the kitchen at her house, it was kind of teary.”

“It was just that I hadn’t really been  doing much with my life,” he said, “and I made something, and I saw she was proud of me.”

A quietly irreverent man with a boyish face,  Hadreas has an ample, mature voice.

Perfume Genius is  Baudelaire meets Neil Young meets PJ Harvey. His music’s melodic qualities, listlessness and  stark melancholy, some clashing forces this young man’s poetic temperament.

While merely redolent of Baudelaire, Hadrea’s flirtation with obscenity has managed to shock some. Such is the case  of his promotional video below which shows pornographic actor Arpad Miklos grooming and caressing the singer. WATCH THE VIDEO.

Put Your Back N 2 It was released by Matador Records. Check out his European tour schedule for May here.

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