Watch: Skrillex and Kaskade’s New Video for ‘Lick It’

The highly anticipated collaboration between Skrillex and Kaskade finally premiered today on MTV.com. The collaboration resulted in the single ‘Lick It,’ which highlights their individual sounds.

Kaskade reflects on his experience in working with Skrillex to MTV News today after ‘Lick It’ was first aired.

“Collaborating with Skrillex for the track and video for ‘Lick It’ was one of the most unique opportunities I had when recording Fire and Ice.  Skrillex and I have different styles, but that is part of what made it fun.  I like doing the unexpected, and this track and video is something truly distinctive.”

The video for the track is an extremely technically saavy creation by the L.A. filmmaker Sean Stiegemeier.  Stiegemeier is also credited with Zedd’s ‘Shave It’ video.

“It was a great honor to work with these two artists.  The collaboration could not had been more ideal as a director.  They would allow me to throw out some wild ideas and then work together towards a concept that we all created and enjoyed,” Stiegemeier told MTV News.

The video, shot in a small town in blizzard ridden Iceland, pictures an Icelandic actress and soccer player, Anita Lisa Svansdottir, who literally begins to bleed out of her ears without access to her much needed music.

Check out the ‘Lick It’ video! What do you think?

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