Justified Or Ungrateful: Young Chop Vs Kanye West

There is a possibility that rapper/producer Kanye West was chastised for what could be considered as an act of humility and kindness. A rare occurrence.

Earlier this week, West released a remix of the viral YouTube hit song “I Don’t Like” by up and coming Chicago rapper, Chief Keef. Before Kanye reached out to Keef, the video had already hit over 1 million views. West’s surprising announcement of an “I Don’t Like” remix featuring guest artists Pusha T, Big Sean, Jadakiss and West himself, skyrocketed the buzz behind the track and increased views by another million.

The Original: (note to editor: please embed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WcRXJ4piHg )

Young Chop, the producer of the original track, immediately voiced his displeasure with West’s re-working of the instrumental; feeling that the direction of the original was thrown away in favor of Kanye’s alterations. In fact, he felt so disrespected for not being able to approve the remix that he has threatened to sue West and would even prefer to have the track removed entirely.

The Remix: (note to editor: please embed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mX5kgA7ddb0 )

The quality of Kanye’s remix is left for the listener to decide. From a technical standpoint, the only major changes to the instrumental are a few extra synth melodies and a dramatically different but brief bridge section during the beginning of Big Sean and Jadakiss’ verses. Otherwise, the pulsating drums and overall ominous atmosphere of the track are kept fully intact. Despite this, Chop feels that no alterations should have been made to the beat.

The benefits of this remix are quite plentiful for both Chief Keef and Young Chop. For one, both Chicago artists are getting an overwhelming co-sign by one of the biggest artists in the world now; who also happens to be from Chicago. Of course, Keef will be getting much more shine as an rapper in the mainstream arena, but as for Chop, he should be getting more A-list placements for his production in the future thanks to this remix. West is now building up anticipation for the upcoming label compilation album with his G.O.O.D. Music imprint artists, and the fact that he reached out to younger outer-circle acts was a big topic of discussion in of itself.

This all boils down to a matter of principle and good business practices. As big or small as they may be, Chop was uninformed of the eventual change ups that were going to be made to his production. As stated in an interview with XXL, Big Sean was recording over the original instrumental during his recent session with Chop. In matters like these, Chop really should have been notified just for the sake of courtesy. However, is he blowing this situation out of proportion? The positives might be outweighing the negatives as more and more media attention is being given to these artists whom the mainstream never knew before this happened.

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