Listen: Ben Folds Five – Do It Anyway

Around the stroke of midnight, Ben Folds took to his Facebook page to promote Ben Folds Five in a rather unconventional manner.

In an exhaustively long post (by Facebook wall post standards), Folds explains that the forthcoming Ben Folds Five record is currently free from the binds of a record label and traditional advertising. Duality be damned, he also notes this freedom comes at a price: a lack of promotion. Because of this, Folds is reaching out to his fans and the entire interweb for help.

Addressing any and all interested in helping promote the new effort, Folds is offering those who assist both the title “Vice President of Promotion” and a credit on either the album itself or a poster.

To help ease us all into our newfound title of Vice President, Folds provided a link to a snippet of “Do It Anyway,” a track featured on the new record. Although the download is only an unmastered sampling of the full song, it is the first time any new BFF material has been released in years.

The new untitled album is expected to drop sometime this September.

Download the sampling here and let us know what you think!

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