Radiohead’s Thom Yorke: ‘I Can see Why ‘The King Of Limbs’ Alienated People’

Thom Yorke has said he can see why the band’s eighth album The King Of Limbs alienated people.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, the singer said of the album, which was released as a download with just a week’s notice with no publicity by the band:

It was amazing just to put the record out like that. But then it didn’t feel like it really existed…But that was the consequence of what we chose to do. You can either get upset about it, or say, “well, that’s not good enough.”

He added: “I can see why it alienated people. I didn’t realise it was on its own planet”.

The band is currently touring North America in support of the album and will play three UK shows in the autumn at Manchester’s Evening News Arena (October 6), and London’s O2 Arena (October 8 and 9).


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