Shirley Manson: “Insanity to be Compared to Other Bands”


Lead singer of Garbage Shirley Manson has commented in a recent interview, on how the band had become disillusioned with the music industry while being on the roster of a major label.

Manson said of their time with Geffen:

“We just got dismayed. We just constantly felt like we weren’t doing good enough and constantly getting compared to other bands’ performances. That’s just a mad way to live your life; it’s insanity. Music and art should never be quantified or measured by chart success or radio play. That’s just crazy.”

After the release of Bleed Like Me in 2005, the band took a hiatus due to arguments with record executives at Geffen, which led to disagreements flaring up within the group. Speaking in April this year, Manson stated: “We were constantly surrounded by such negativity that it just ends up eating away at the individuals in the band and we began to take it out on one another. It was not a good situation.”

It appears that break did the Manson, Butch Vig, Duke Erikson and Steve Marker some good – Garbage’s new LP, Not Your Kind of People, is set to drop on Monday 14th May through the band’s own record label, STUNVOLUME.

Watch the video for lead single, ‘Blood For Poppies’, below:



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