Video: The Walkmen – “Heaven”

The Walkmen 'Heaven' promo

The Walkmen's Loving Scrapbook of Camaraderie

It has been a long while since I’ve been as enamored with a video as deeply as I am with Alex Southam’s video (produced by Pitchfork.tv) for title track to the The Walkmen’s new album, Heaven. That the “Heaven” video registers so profoundly is of little surprise to me. The Walkmen are, after all, a band I adore, and “Heaven” is the best song on yet another nearly flawless album in the band’s career.

That Southam and The Walkmen have lovingly, painstakingly and energetically fashioned a four-minute moving scrapbook with a gushing heart from The Walkmen’s decade-long history as a band and, more importantly, great friends must be hugely meaningful to them (and a gift to us).  That they attached this comprehensive friendship montage to a song with lines like [stick with me / you’re my best friend / all of my life / you’ve always been / remember, remember / all we fight for] makes the memories even sweeter and the outlook for the future more optimistic than ever.  “Heaven,” the song and the video, are destined to be cherished and outlast any measure of time as fleeting as the year 2012.

Enjoy it here:

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