America’s Newest Idol Phillip Phillips Undergoes Surgery

Phillip Phillips, 21, American Idol’s eleventh winner, recently underwent surgery for enlarged kidney stones.

Fans of the show are familiar with Phillips’ health problems, which were well documented during his run on Idol. Phillips had surgery in March to prevent blockage in his kidney. Similar health concerns plagued him in April and his future on the show was doubtful.

The surgery, which lasted approximately six and a half hours, went smoothly. A source close to Idol assured the press that Phillips would be ready to perform on the Idols Live tour which begins in Detroit on July 6th.

Phillips’ coronation single “Home” peaked at No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, selling over 380,000 copies. He beat runner-up Jessica Sanchez after garnering a majority of the record-breaking 132 million votes that were cast on May 22nd.

The Idols Live Tour Dates are as follows:

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