Listen: Kim Jong-Un’s Theme

Let’s face it – you’ve got no chance of being a badass if you haven’t got your own theme tune.

North Korean State Television recently unveiled a song to help the image of ‘The Great Successor’, Kim Jong-Un, to further cement his place as the nation’s leader.

Seemingly straight out of a 1940′s war film, the song is pompously epic with overtones of needless aggrandizement – much like the North Korean dictatorial dynasty itself. Although translations are not currently available, it is said that the lyrics are a ‘remix’ of Kim Jong-Un’s rally cry at the 100th anniversary celebration of his grandfather Kim Il-Sung.

Currently being played in heavy rotation on North Korea state radio, it’s rather unlikely that the song will be popular anywhere other than Pyongyang – but I quite like it!

Listen for yourself below:

What’s that I hear you cry? You want to hear Kim Jong-Il’s song to compare? You got it!

Comment below and tell us which is best!

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