Video: OFF! – “Borrow and Bomb”/”I Got News For You”

OFF! strike punk-comedy gold with 80′s public access videos (and Dave Foley)

If you prefer your music expertly bashed out riding a furious punk edge and laced with vitriolic wit, you are probably already an OFF! fan, especially if you’ve been with Keith Morris through his early days with Black Flag and the past few decades with Circle Jerks. Fire up this double video for “Borrow and Bomb”/”I Got News For You,” two of the sixteen blistering songs on OFF!’s eponymous full-length debut, and you damn well will be.

Whether you’ve been keeping up with the newest music videos on YouTube or not, OFF!’s double dose here is one of the most brilliant offerings the medium has to offer. Behold the riotous combustion of mixing grainy 1981 public access TV, the always hilarious Dave Foley, talk show teens, jazzercise dudes and a ‘Lethal Justice’ promo, all backed by OFF!’s choleric punk utilized for extraordinary comedic genius.

OFF! – “OFF!” is out now on VICE.

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