Arnold Schwarzenegger Back In Big Roles With ‘The Last Stand’

After my reported outrage at the new poster for The Expendables 2, which portrayed Sylvester Stallone as Jesus (obviously it should have been Arnold Schwarzenegger, facial hair or not), the terminator is finally getting his due.

After being busy governing California, subsequently moving his plans of world domination forward one step, the 65 year-old will be making a return to leading action movie roles with The Last Stand, having been seen only in small cameos as of late. And thanks to IGN, we now have a poster to gawp at.

The Land Stand sees Arny as Ray Owens, a disgraced LAPD officer turned sleepy town sheriff, faced with stopping a pesky drug lord who is heading for the Mexican border. Luis Guzman and Johnny Knoxville will appear as members of Schwarzenegger’s team, the latter of whom will presumably shoot paintballs at / defecate on the bad guys.

Either way, there’s something about the words ‘not in his town, not on his watch’, combined with the baby-sized handgun, that I feel will do nothing but draw action fans to this movie. The sports car in the lower right-hand corner, and its promises of spontaneous car chases, doesn’t do any harm either.

So prepare yourself next January for plenty of laughter and manly action-gasms once the American police officer starts spouting one-liners in his inexplicably Austrain accent. Arny’s acting career in an explosion-loaded, brilliantly quotable nutshell.

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