Just add Lightning: John Lennon’s DNA lives on in sculpture

A recently finished sculpture of the late John Lennon includes a bit of the former Beatles’ Deoxyribonucleic acid. Huh.

Right, okay, this sounds like the best movie pitch ever. Just bear with me. Artist Kirsten Zuk‘s brother Michael, known as “The Crazy Dentist” (See?!) purchased one of John Lennon’s auctioned teeth in 2011 for $32,000., which is some serious dentist money. Eager to get in on the sweet tooth action, Kirsten included a small chip from the tooth in her latest sculpture; a bust of the artist’s head.  Just as an aside; these two seem unable to move past this theme, as Dr. Zuk is also he author of a book called John Lennon Tooth.

Kirsten is attempting to raise money for the charity Smile Train, helping children in poverty receive dental treatment. You can see the sculpture during the Fringe Festival if you happen to live in Edmonton, Canada. You should hurry, too, because if monster movies have taught me anything it’s that this thing is one thunderstorm away from coming to life.

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