Listen: Grizzly Bear Debut Another Cut from ‘Shields’

Having already spoilt us enough with the early premiere of album track Sleeping Ute in early June, Grizzly Bear yesterday debuted another new track entitled Yet Again. You can listen to the track at the bottom of the article.

Yet Again is set to become the band’s first single from Shields; the quartet’s fourth album and follow up to 2009′s well received Veckatimest, which is set for release on 17th September this fall. The new track has certainly opened up discussion as to how Shields will sound as a whole entity. Sleeping Ute; a more dense and complex track, in 6/8 timing and featuring some of Daniel Rossen’s more tempestuous songwriting, akin to Veckatimest cuts I Live With You or Southern Point, stands in opposition to new track Yet Again. The first single is much a more straight forward affair, with things like the accessibility of the melody perhaps most obviously recalls Two Weeks.

Of course Grizzly Bear fans are well aware of the extent of the band’s songwriting, and variance in songwriting style, so the fact Sleeping Ute and Yet Again don’t sound completely similar in style or tone won’t be a surprise. Take a listen to the track below and tell us what you think.




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