Slip of the Tongue London Edition: Hello Hum by Wintersleep

In a very special episode of the show, Will and Michael travel around London, visiting the Natural History Museum, The Castle in Holland Park and a transgendered bar in Camden whilst discussing the latest music news and reviewing “Hello Hum” by Wintersleep.

00:00 – 8:00 – We discuss Jack White’s mysterious collaboration with Radiohead whilst visiting the dinosaurs of the natural history museum

8:00 – 18:55 – We talk about Motorhead’s recently launched lager in the “Big ass bug room”, and then query which bands would associate themselves with certain alcohols with some Elephants.

18:55 – 22:00 – We forget about music for a second and are captivated by the giant crazy globe.

22:00 – 32: 20 – We wander through the wildlife garden whilst talking about the Smashing Pumpkin’s criticisms of Radiohead, as well as the idea of artists criticizing each other in general.

32:20 – 40:25 – We talk about the recent lawsuit being filed against Michael Jackson in The Castle pub in Holland Park

40:25 – 1:02:45 – We review Hello Hum by Wintersleep

1:02:45 – 1:16:25 – At a transgender bar in Camden, Michael forces Will to read some Jedward fan fiction. In the rain.

1:16:25 – 1:32:35 – We talk about what we’ve been listening to, and our favourite albums of 2012 so far, including Maybeshewill, Sweet Billy Pilgrim, Bobby Womack, Coldspecks, Anais Mitchell, Daniel Rossen and Spiritualized

1:32:35 – We sound off with “Hum” by Wintersleep



Slip of the Tongue in London edition!/Hello Hum by Wintersleep (mp3 link)

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