Video: Ponderosa – “Navajo” (Live)

Ponderosa injects shimmering colors and sounds into “Navajo” and Pool Party

If you’re new to Ponderosa, a hearty rock and roll band hailing from Atlanta/Athens, GA, welcome to the party.

The band formed in Atlanta a few years back when singer/guitarist Kalen Nash hooked up with guitarist Kris Sampson at the Nickel & Dime studio where Sampson was head engineer. The duo rounded out a formidable rock and roll machine by picking up J.T. Hall, Darren Dodd and John Dance, all of whom were lauded industry players. Moonlight Revival, Ponderosa’s 2011 debut album and first release for New West Records, was a rich, Southern rock barroom brawler of an album with giant hooks and energy to spare.

This week, Ponderosa dropped their fantastic sophomore effort, Pool Party, in prime time to soundtrack your summer. If you haven’t heard much of it yet, you will. “Navajo” is the first single from the album, and it has the honor of being the current iTunes Single of the Week. If you’ve heard Ponderosa before, you likely haven’t heard them exactly like this (hence the verses that are arguably more reminiscent of Sigur Ros than The Black Crowes). Pool Party capitalizes on the Southern atmosphere they laid down on Moonlight Revival, but the band incorporates fresh soundscapes (think Pet Sounds, Grizzly Bear, Fleet Foxes) and layers into the songs of Pool Party to startlingly effective results.

We’re willing to bet you’ll be downloading “Navajo” from iTunes before the live video (via Paste) below is finished. If you dig it, don’t forget to pick up the album.

Pool Party is out now via New West Records.

Ponderosa – “Navajo” (Live)

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