Manic Street Preachers to Re-issue Debut ‘Generation Terrorists’

Welsh heroes, the Manic Street Preachers have today announced full details of the re-release of their debut album, Generation Terrorists. The 1992 LP sees it’s twentieth anniversary this year, and will be re-released on 5th November.

The 18-track long album will be released in five, yes, five different guises, ranging from a set containing a re-mastered single to an edition named the ‘Limited Collector’s Edition’, which contains material spread over three CD’s, a DVD, a book and a 10 inch vinyl release. I’ve heard a rumour the ‘Limited Collector’s Edition’ also comes with a complimentary cup of tea and tray of biscuits, but that hasn’t quite been confirmed yet.

Alongside the ‘Limited Collector’s Edition’ is the ‘Legacy Edition’, which both contain unheard songs and demos, home movies, unseen film footage and unique artwork. The album will also be made available as a special 12 inch double vinyl gatefold LP.

Bass player, and chief songwriter Nicky Wire said of the release:

The album and the demos sound young, our ambitions sound ludicrous and considering the polemic portrayed, we were actually really fucking funny. A lot of people are attached to the darkness of ‘The Holy Bible’ or the bigness of ‘Everything Must Go’ and ‘….Tolerate…’ (This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours) but for some, that initial colourful burst of the glamorous punk band meant more than any other version.

Watch the fan favourite Generation Terrorists cut, Motorcycle Emptiness below:

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