Muse accused of stealing music and art from “Sci-fi Rock Opera”

Continuing the comedy of errors that is Muse’s recent career, the band (and their lucky label) are now facing a 3.5 million dollar lawsuit for copyright infringement, unfair trade practise and unfair competition.

Charles Bolfrass is claiming that the band’s 2009 hit “Exogenesis” was in fact a “rip-off” of his song of the same name. Bolfrass claims that in 2005, he contacted Muse along with two other bands about an idea for a “Sci-fi rock opera” that focused on space travel and the end of the Earth. Bolfrass says the band ejected his idea, however the band’s 2009 album The Resistance contained three (quite rock-opera-ish) tracks titled “Exogenesis” parts I,  II and III. He also states that the album art for The Resistance is lifted directly from the storyboards for his proposed rock opera.

Say what you will about Muse (And by God, I’ve said a lot), but before now I’d never considered the idea they were thieves. Warner Music has yet to respond, so we’ll have to see how this all plays out. I guess that’s just another reason to hate on The Resistance, huh fellas?

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