Download Den: Rain Over St. Ambrose – “Walking Home”

Rain Over St. Ambrose

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Rain Over St. Ambrose is a strong, young rock and roll five-piece from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia that I’ve been playing in heavy rotation lately. Their debut album, Truth for News, is the sound of a band indulging in a sweet spot that I’ve loved for years in the majority of my favorite bands.

Rain Over St. Ambrose play a brand of rock that isn’t digging up much virgin soil, but all the ways they work the ground are damn fine with me. Whether you want to call it straight-ahead, accomplished rock with bursts of punk energy or excellent bar band tunes with sharp, earnest lyrics, it’s the very stuff that I’ve loved in long-term favorites like The Replacements, The Hold Steady, Marah and fellow Canadian brethren Constantines. Frontman Cory Le Blanc is a potent lyricist, and he’s good for at least one bone-hitting dagger on just about every song on Truth for News.

I’ll be reviewing Truth for News in the next few days, but I wanted to introduce you with the first single “Walking Home.” As an added bonus to their sound here, the Nova Scotians throw in a bit of lovely, Grandaddy-esque keyboard work courtesy of Matt Amirault. Get a taste of why Rain Over St. Ambrose was recently nominated for four Nova Scotia Music Awards including New Artist of the Year.

Rain Over St. Ambrose – “Walking Home”

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