Grizzly Bear Wish You Happy Holidays with Festive Shields Arrangements

Grizzly Bear

As if Grizzly Bear hadn’t already given us enough to be thankful for this holiday season with the release of their magnificent fourth album, Shields, back in September, the beloved Brooklynites are now sending “Season’s Greetings” to all with a YouTube video of festive new arrangements of Shields songs to ring in the good cheer.

In the clip, we are mostly treated to solo piano arrangements of Shields cuts like “A Simple Answer,” “Sleeping Ute,” and “gun-shy” synched to backdrops of outer space, hot air balloons and the beach, but we also get a piano and percussion rendition of “Half Gate” set to images of dogs playing poker, operatic vocals accompanied by Renaissance art, and a deliriously cheesy sax solo for “The Hunt,” complete with romantic bathtub imagery and a bowl full of cherries.

Grizzly Bear cap off the clip with “Happy Holidays” and “Love Peace Hope” for good tidings. Grizzly Bear’s Shields is out now via Warp and surely would make a wonderful gift for most music lovers in your life.

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